International college student astonishes TikTokers with her boat commute to school: ‘Girl this is a journey’

TikTokers are astonished after seeing what an international college student, (@lauren.wep) has to go through in order to get to school. 

She posted a 25-photo slideshow detailing each and every step of her commute, which is out of the ordinary for many college students in the United States — since she has to take a boat to get to start her day. 

Laurie, who lives in Millport, Scotland, — which is part of the Scottish Isles — has to take a bus to get to a ferry that takes her to another island. There, she boards a train to take her to the campus of West College Scotland – Paisley Campus, which is about an hour away. Even after the train stops, there is still a slight walk ahead of her to get onto campus. 

Photo credit: @Lauren.wep via TikTok
Photo credit: @lauren.wep via TikTok

She only has to make this trek three times a week, but she spends about 15 pounds on transportation every time she does it. 

Many colleges report a majority of their students as being “commuters,” but many of the 1 million viewers of @lauren.wep’s video couldn’t believe how much went into her school routine. 

“A commute?? girl this is a JOURNEY.  js casually hopping on a boat like that what,” replied @cartigoated_.

“Taking EVERY mode of transportation,” replied @unstatedbeginnings.

Commenters also asked why she didn’t stay in the dorms, but according to her, many colleges in that area don’t have student housing. 

Despite the intense commute, she said in her caption that she signed up for another year.

“Not once will i ever understand why i chose a college so far away, and why ive chosen it again for next year.”

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