‘Disney Adults’ become online talking point after woman falls to her knees at Disney World

Disney adults” — and one in particular— are the source of Internet conversation after a video of a woman’s return to Disney World went viral

The term “Disney adult” simply describes an adult that that has an affinity for the Disney brand and is willing to spend enormous amounts of time and money on all things Disney. In June of 2022, NPR published a story on Disney adults with the headline: “For some adults who love Disney, it’s like a religion.” 

TikToker Jacee Jordan (@jordan.jacee) showed just how much she loved the brand when she saw the castle at Disney World for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. She posted this video in March of 2022, but recently, TikTokers are recreating her moment and comment sections are letting their opinions be known.


Que the ugly crying. First time seeing Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kindgdom 🥺 thank you @annadotee for the most unforgettable trip ever. #disneyworld #magickingdom #cinderella

♬ BRENT MORGAN What Dreams Are Made Of – Brent Morgan

“Is this satire?” asked @madssanch.

Although Jordan’s video went viral, user @emlaem111 posted a parody of the original and has gotten over triple the amount of likes as the original. Her video was so popular that many people in the comments thought her post was the original. 

“disney adults are…something.” said @moon.renat0.

“get these disney adults help.” replied @mooselinguist.

Since @emlaem111’s post went viral, other users are posting their own spoofs of the video.

Here @perfectsweatie recreated the video, but did it in Bakersfield, Calif. 

Her video was satirical and the comments picked up on it from the start. 

“Don’t forget to visit Bakersfield beach, truly magical!” @mikeam1

Many people in the comments didn’t like the idea of adults intensely loving something that is intended for children. However, there was a faction of people on the original post that stood up for Disney adults and their love for the brand. 

“Some of you all have so little joy in your life and it shows,” said @bbqsteakburger

These comments are not it. I’m a happy crier too and your unabashed joy definitely just brought me some joy! Hope it was a fun trip,” replied @shelbyhyoung.

TikTok is ultimately split, with some people in favor of big reactions and others wanting the adults to hold it inside. Either way, if you see an adult falling to their knees at an amusement park, know they’re probably a Disney adult. 

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