Mom shares powerful way to introduce kids to a new sibling: ‘Why did this make me cry?’

This mom on TikTok has a clever and sentimental tip for parents introducing their older child to a new sibling, and viewers are choking up all over TikTok!

TikToker Daisy Woods (@muddlethroughmummy) is a busy parent and positive discipline parenting educator who often shares parenting tips, hacks, and moments of daily life with her two sons. In one of Woods’ videos, she shares a sweet tip for parents preparing their older child for a new sibling, and it’s incredibly touching. 

The clip begins with Woods addressing the camera to share a hack for introducing older children to a new sibling she learned from Dr. Jane Nelsen, a licensed marriage and family therapist, child counselor and author of the Positive Discipline book series

To help children understand that love, time, and attention are not finite resources, Woods demonstrates an exercise that parents can do with their children using a few candles.

“This is our family,” Woods explains, pointing to four small candles. She then lights one candle and notes, “This candle represents mommy and this flame is my love.” 

“When I met daddy, I gave him all my love,” Woods demonstrates using the lit candle to light the one next to it. She holds up the first candle to show the flame as a symbol that she still has all her love left. 

“Then we had you, and I gave you all my love,” Woods says, lighting the third candle. She points to the other two lit candles to show that she and daddy still have all their love. 

Woods lights the last candle to represent how she’s giving all her love to the new baby. “But look, you still have my love, daddy has my love, and I have all my love left because that’s the way that love is,” Woods says, pointing to the four lit candles.

She closes the video by saying that love is not a limited resource and the lit candles prove that there’s plenty of love to go around. 

Parents and non-parents alike took to the comments to share their love for this exercise. 

“I’m 20 with no kids. Why did this make me cry?” one viewer asked rhetorically. 

“I’m about to give birth, and I was so emotional about how my son will deal with it, but I love this!!! Thank you,” declared one parent. 

“What a lovely way to explain. [It] made me emotional as well,” complimented one TikToker.

The candle demonstration is an impactful metaphor to show that families share an endless supply of love, no matter how many new additions come into their lives. 

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