Investigating Ben Affleck’s relationship with Ana de Armas may have led us to his secret Instagram

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas haven’t even confirmed their relationship yet, but goodness do they make it clear that there’s something going on between them.

The couple has a sort of bizarre gravitational pull about them that makes me constantly want to know more about them and why they’re together. They met on the set of a psychological thriller called “Deep Water” at the end of 2019, but the pairing remains a bit unusual.

Affleck is obviously very famous. He’s an Academy-Award winner who’s played everything from Batman to the bad husband in “Gone Girl,” but he fell out of the good graces of the American public when he split from Jennifer Garner in 2015.

In contrast, Ana de Armas is on the rise. She was the breakout star of the 2019 hit “Knives Out,” and she’ll be a Bond Girl in “No Time to Die,” whenever that movie actually comes out.

Over the course of the past few weeks, the pair has been photographed together countless times — and many of their outings have been shared by the Twitter account Ana de Armas Updates. The photos are fascinating, to say the least.

They frequent Dunkin’ Donuts.

They got matching necklaces (though I wonder why they are the same half of a heart)?

They got locked out of the house together. Normal couple stuff.

In our quest to investigate the mystery behind their romance, I stumbled upon an unexpected discovery — what appears to be Affleck’s fake Instagram account, or “finsta.”

I read in Insider that de Armas and Affleck don’t follow each other on Instagram, and I thought that was unusual because paparazzi famously spotted Affleck snapping photos of Armas on the beach in Costa Rica.

She later shared the photos to Instagram, where Affleck commented “photo credit pls” with a laughing emoji. And yet … he still didn’t follow her.

I went to de Armas’ Instagram page and looked at the 500 accounts she follows, and while searching for “Ben Affleck,” I stumbled upon an account under the name “Ben.”

I immediately noticed that the account’s handle was “positiveattitudehunting” — a clear (although groan-worthy) play on one of his most famous movies, “Good Will Hunting.”

The account’s profile photo is clearly a shot of Affleck canoodling with de Armas, and his bio reads “just a dad who sometimes makes movies,” which checks out.

Next, I noticed that the account has only three followers — de Armas, obviously, because she led me to this page in the first place.

Emma Hinchliffe, an associate editor for Fortune Magazine, noted that one of the other followers is his ex-wife, Garner.

Now only one question remains — who is the third follower of Affleck’s alleged account?

We have a few theories — it could beMatt Damon’s finsta (he doesn’t have a public account), one of Affleck’s older children, Casey Affleck’s finsta, Tom Brady’s finsta, Dunkin’ Donuts …. it could be anyone.

If you have any information on the third follower, or if the account accepts your follow request, please let me know. For professional reasons, of course, but also because I have a deep personal interest.

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