This iPhone hack will help you capture the background in all your vertical photos

The iPhone camera has come a long, long way since the phone was first introduced in 2007. However, there are still some things it can’t do all that well — like, for instance, take vertical photos that capture trees, buildings and other tall objects.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to take vertical photos that don’t crop out large objects, and it doesn’t involve buying any accessories or other equipment. The iPhone photo trick just takes a little skill and some mastering of the panorama mode.

In a now-viral TikTok, blogger @nikitabathia demonstrated how to use panorama mode to capture the perfect vertical photo.

The iPhone photo trick is simple: All you have to do is flip your phone so it’s horizontal, lower the angle of your phone so you’re parallel with the subject of the photo and use the panorama feature to capture the entirety of the photo background.

TikTokers were surprised by how well this trick works.

“Um. This is super helpful,” one person said.

“Deffo will try this very good tips,” another added.

“Game changing,” a third wrote.

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