Keto food blogger gets roasted online for ‘horrid’ meal ideas

“Is it bussin, Janelle?”

For the past week or so, TikTok users have been trolling Keto food blogger Janelle Rohner with variations of this comment. But why?

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Well, it all started on March 4 when TikToker @rondeucedeleuche stitched one of Rohner’s videos. In the video, she showed off her lunch that day, which was a bell pepper “sandwich.” (The bell pepper halves replaced what is usually bread.)

“Wow, that looks really good Janelle,” Ron said jokingly, trying not to laugh. “Is it bussin?”

According to Urban Dictionary, “bussin” is an adjective used to describe something that’s “really good,” usually food. Ron asked Janelle jokingly if her pepper sandwich was bussin because, pretty much ever since she started posting videos of her low-carb concoctions, she’s sort of become known as the bell pepper girl thanks to her frequent use of the fruit in her meals.

“[It’s] literally the same thing over and over,” one person said.

“Why you let this girl think she can cook?” another added.

Rohner’s comment section is now flooded with people asking her, ‘Is it bussin?’

If you come across a video on your ‘For You’ page of someone saying “Is it bussin, Janelle?” without context, it’s because of Rohner. Ever since @rondeucedeleuche’s video blew up, several other users have created their own videos trolling the food blogger, many of which have gone viral in their own right.

At this point, Rohner doesn’t seem to mind the comments. In her most recent video posted on March 8, she addressed the trolling trend, saying, “And to answer your question, yeah, it’s bussing.”

Either way, with 3 million TikTok followers and a successful cookbook, Rohner is laughing all the way to the bank!

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