Who is Issy Oakley? The British influencer is involved in drama

If you don’t like recipes and wild memes, TikTok is also ripe with drama. 

Sometimes following influencers can feel like watching a very messy reality TV show. This episode’s main character is Issy Oakley. She’s a British lifestyle and beauty vlogger who was cast as the villain in Lauren Saddington’s story. 

Who is Issy Oakley? 

Oakley was born in England on April 23, 1998 and is 22 years old. 

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She launched her TikTok in March of 2020 and currently has over 322,000 followers, although before the incident Saddington claimed she had closer to 400,000.

Oakley is known for her beauty, lifestyle and comedy videos like one’s where she answers questions about British people. 

Did Issy Oakley troll Lauren Saddington? 


Part 2/4 ❤️ This has taken a lot of courage and I’m sorry to anybody I offend. But making a fake account to troll another creator is unacceptable.

♬ original sound – laurensaddington

In March 2021, Lauren Saddington accused Oakley of making a secret account to troll her with. 

“For the past few months, she’s been trolling me on a fake account on TikTok. A girl with 400,000 followers, who always talked about being trolled,” Saddington said

Saddington alleged that she was in a group with Oakley but after a falling out she left along with some others. Oakley later confronted her and Saddington thought they had agreed to leave each other alone. 

“I really struggled with the trolling comments over the last few months and I just can’t believe that the whole time it was her,” she said

The influencer who has 183,000 followers herself, lamented that internet personalities were unsupportive of each other. 

“We can’t be the nasty ones because we have to promote to our followers that it’s not OK to be nasty to people,” Saddington said

Oakley denied trolling Saddington 


Comments are turned off because this simply isn’t up for debate. Please do not send negative comments to anyone, I love you all, thank you so much 🤍

♬ original sound – Issy Oakley

Oakley said she “would not speak on something that simply is not true” in a response video. She claimed to be receiving death threats because of the accusations and thanked those who supported her.  

So we guess that means “to be continued…”

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