‘It must be nice’ TikTok trend highlights the things people are jealous of

A TikToker’s smooth, baritone voice has sparked a viral meme with a little help from singer Charlie Wilson. 

The sound of a man with a deep voice saying, “It must be nice… I’m trying to get like you, my boy,” is spreading like wildfire on TikTok. As of writing, it has been used in over 132,000 videos. People are using the sound whenever they feel jealous of people’s more leveled-up lifestyles. So if you’re feeling like you’re missing out on somethings lately, this funny new trend is for you. You’re not alone. 

“It must be nice…” TikTok sound

TikToker @toonkyy originated the phrase when he was watching two lovers embrace each other. 

“It must be nice… I’m trying to get like you, my boy,” he said as he watched the couple kissing. 

The song playing in the video is a snippet of “You Are” by R&B singer Charlie Wilson. Now, people have embraced the sound whenever they feel a little covetous of others. 


I know I’m not the only one out here dealing with this. It’s hard out here y’all 😂


“When you’re the only one who has to wake up and go to work during the holidays,” a father said while watching his kids sleep in.


With 3 acres? in Socal? in this economy?…..Bruh #fyp #mustbenice


“When your sister becomes a rich housewife,” Asha Ramlochan said. 

She showed off her sister’s numerous cars and massive home in Southern California. 


They be eating so good😔 I be like “i wish i can have a bite rn”😭😭 #mukbang #hungry #starving #food #mbn #itmustbenice #imtrynagetlikeyou


“When you so hungry you start watching mukbangs,” @ogske said as he watched videos of people gorging on food

“When I send my husband into this store alone because the girl always gives him a discount for our groceries,” @saharandtre wrote in a caption as she waited in the car for her husband. 

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