Italy’s American-themed chain restaurant is a hilarious look into how other countries see the U.S.

Americans sure do love their chain restaurants — especially the Olive Garden, where the promise of unlimited breadsticks lures us in every time. Sure, the pasta may not be homemade, and the dishes aren’t exactly “authentic” Italian, but there’s a certain amount of comfort and familiarity to an Olive Garden that Americans can’t seem to get enough of.

That said, have you ever thought of what a similar American-themed restaurant would look like in Italy? One TikToker recently found themselves inside one, and the results were definitely interesting.


did you know Italy has an American themed restaurant chain. #oldwildwest #italy #olivegarden #wlw #fyp

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“Since you take me to Olive Garden in America, I bring you to Old Wild West in Italy,” a woman says to the camera as her friend pans around the restaurant. “This is what you get.”

The restaurant itself is billed as a burger joint and steakhouse styled after an old Western saloon. It even has a large wooden bar that looks like it’s straight out of the 1800s.

On the menu, @empafl takes note of a variety of American-themed dishes, including a Western Grill platter, a rib-eye steak and a large selection of burgers with all the fixings. (Each dish, of course, is loaded to the brim because you can’t forget those American portion sizes.) There’s also a section for apps, which contains other American favorites, like mozzarella sticks and chicken wings.

Honestly, it looks pretty good and doesn’t really stray far from what you might find in the U.S., which many TikTokers were quick to note.

“Apparently we also have American themed restaurants in a America,” one person quipped.

“This is just nicer Texas Roadhouse,” said another.

“it’s like outback and Applebee’s had a baby,” another user joked.

If the TikToker’s friend expected this to come off as snarky, it doesn’t seem like anyone took offense.

“She says it like it’s revenge but that looks fun!” one person wrote in the comments.

“I’m from Texas and that looks like a blast!” said another.

“Honestly it’s spot on,” someone else admitted.

At least one person said they’d actually been to an Old Wild West and had nothing but positive things to say about the place.

“They’re actually not bad,” one TikToker shared. “The one I went to was struggling a little, but it was still better than a lot of American places.”

Ultimately, the consensus was that this place would definitely go over well with most Americans. (And it would leave a way better impression than an Olive Garden would to an Italian.)

“Jokes on her,” one person wrote. “That looks awesome.”

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