Man’s frustration with pizza restaurant turns into a TikTok meme

A YouTuber’s reaction to a fresh pizza pie is giving voice to frustrated TikTokers

The hilarious new trend is based on a viral sound of a man growing increasingly disillusioned with a pizza continuously cut into too many slices. The sound is in over 47,000 TikTok videos. Now, it’s the internet’s favorite new meme.  

It all started when @theneedletok, aka YouTuber Anthony Fantano, uploaded a video of himself reacting to a clip of a pizza being cut. 

“Ooo, a fresh pie,” Fantano said with excitement. “Save me a slice.” 

The worker placed the pie on a platter and began cutting it into as many slices as possible. 

“That’s good. OK, that’s good,” Fantano’s response intensified as more slices were made. “Yeah. That’s…alright. That’s good. OK. OK. Alright. OK. Alright. OK, that’s good. That’s good! It’s enough slices!” 

Now, TikTokers are using the sound when they’ve had enough of something.

Cosplayer @asta.darling used the sound as the skirt of her dress grew layer by layer. 

“Struggling with infertility for two years and finally getting a positive,” @quintupletmama explained.

Then she cut to an image of her ultrasound which showed she was pregnant with quintuplets. 


Y’all I’m very thankful I just thought this was hilarious 😂😭😭 #flamingo #fyp #foryou #birthday

♬ original sound – TheNeedleTok

“Me telling my boyfriend, family and friends that my favorite animal is a flamingo,” @laurenelizabetht said. 

She revealed birthday gift after birthday covered in a flamingo print or pattern. 

Who is Anthony Fantano? 

Fantano is most known for his YouTube channel The Needle Drop which features music commentary videos. He has 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and 644,000 TikTok subscribers. The vlogger acknowledged his pizza fame in the video, “I’m a TikTok Meme AGAIN.” 

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