How a YouTuber’s rant about beachy waves became a ‘vibe’

TikTokers want you to know what they don’t vibe with, in this hilarious new trend. 

A YouTuber’s strange rant about hair with beach waves has sparked the latest TikTok meme. People are using a mashup of the irritated woman saying, “It’s not the vibe” and a soundbite from Skyrim to express their frustrations with all the mood-killers out there. Here’s everything you need to know. 

The phrase actually comes from YouTube

The channel HRH Collective posted the video “Shut Up, I’m Stressed,” on July 2, 2021. In the vlog, the creator ranted about her disdain for hair with “beachy waves.” She then shouted, “It’s not the vibe. Stop!” 

Then TikToker @slopppy_topppy mashed up the YouTuber’s “It’s not the vibe,” with a “Stop” soundbite from the game Skyrim in a new video.

The sound has since been used in over 140,000 TikTok videos. People are using it to describe the moments that they don’t vibe well with their environments. 

“It’s not the vibe” on TikTok

“When you have sensory issues and your sock feels wrong,” @i.literally.dont.exist ripping her sock off

“When your mom wakes you up to go sleep next to your sibling,” @luvdezii said while shoeing away her adorable sister

“When your tote bag keeps falling down because of your puffer jacket and hate winter,” @julilucix wrote in a caption.

“When I’m trying to talk to my sister but I hear my dad chewing,” @kcwinnie said looking appalled

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