Musicians are divided over how a TikTok trend is supposed to play out

Music aficionados on TikTok are using their fingers to analyze a popular song.

The “It’s the pinky” TikTok trend has musicians conflicted over the composition of “End of the Night” by Danny Avila. While this isn’t exactly a science, TikTokers are tapping their fingers to the beat of the music to determine which finger they should land on by the song’s end. But no one can really seem to agree. 

What is the ‘It’s the pinky?’ trend on TikTok? 


I slowed it down, it’s index finger #fyp

♬ End Of The Night – DANNY AVILA

The trend requires tapping your index, middle, ring and pink against your thumb to the beat of “End of the Night” by Danny Avila. It may sound easy, but the song slows down and speeds up making it somewhat difficult to follow. It also requires having a musical ear that can distinctly break down each beat. 

The user @kindalikememes slowed the song down and concluded the final beat landed on the index finger. People didn’t exactly agree with him.

“You slowed it down and still got that mess wrong,” one person commented.

“Honestly, I get something different each time,” another said

Charlie Puth weighed in on the meme


#duet with @chasedelrosario if tik tok were high school I’d actually have a lot of friends. You’re on it bro great job !!

♬ original sound – Chase

Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is a classically trained musician who engages with all kinds of musical trends. Like this duet, where he dissects a pianist with perfect pitch. 


#duet with @bradpittsdivorcelawyer pinky

♬ End Of The Night – DANNY AVILA

Puth weighed in on “End of the Night” and conclusively decided that the song ends on the pinky. Hence why you’ll find a lot of comments on this particular meme saying, “it’s the pinky.” 

“Charlie Puth has spoken,” a user wrote

“The king has spoken. It’s pinky,” someone said.

“It’s the pinky. End of discussion,” a person responded.

A composer backed Puth up 


I literally had so many people tag me in this HAGAHAHAHAH

♬ End Of The Night – DANNY AVILA

Composer Emily Bear studied jazz and classical music at Julliard. She also claimed, “it’s the pinky.” People agreed with her and cited their not-so-relevant credentials as proof. 

“I have Spotify Premium. It’s def the pinky,” one user joked.

“I’m literally tone-deaf and I study interior design but it is, in fact, the pinky,” another said

“I studied finance at my local university. It’s the pinky,” someone quipped

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