TikTokers debunk increasingly frustrating misconceptions about pizza and Mountain Dew

A hilarious pizza meme has TikTokers challenging misconceptions about everything from Mountain Dew to art. 

Pizza is big on TikTok, so naturally, lots of people have opinions. A user’s reaction video to a man who didn’t know what Chicago-style pizza meant has sparked a new trend. People have taken to using the sound of the commentary as a way to debunk other popular myths. 

TikToker @nomeatmashers reacted to a video of user @kyoshi_cosplay’s commentary on a Chicago-style pizza being made. The trouble was that @kyoshi_cosplay didn’t know that a Chicago pizza is prepared differently with bread, cheese then sauce as opposed to bread, sauce then cheese. 

@kyoshi_cosplay: “Where’s the cheese?” 

@nomeatmashers: “It’s under the sauce.” 

@kyoshi_cosplay: “There’s no cheese on it.”

@nomeatmashers: “It’s under the sauce.” 

@kyoshi_cosplay: “Like, I’m Italian and this is hurting me.”

@nomeatmashers: “It’s from Chicago.”

@kyoshi_cosplay: “It’s just sauce.”

@nomeatmashers: “The cheese is under the sauce.”

@kyoshi_cosplay: “That’s not enough cheese!” 

@nomeatmashers: “Cheese is under the sauce.” 

@kyoshi_cosplay: “That’s not enough!” 

@nomeatmashers: “It’s under the sauce!” 

The funny and heated exchange has become the new setup for TikTokers to debunk conspiracy theories and misconceptions. The sound has over 2,740 videos associated with it. As the sound plays, people overlay the dialogue with their own scenarios in the video captions. 


been seeing content on my fyp that smells like middle school health class and skinny cow ice cream #fyp #foryou #nutrition #BetterTogetherChallenge

♬ original sound – Bone Broth Bastard

“Been seeing content on my FYP that smells like middle school health class,” @insectsecrecy wrote in a caption

He then laid out some of the myths he had heard about Mountain Dew and shared his insight on each. 

Misconception: “Mountain dew can dissolve a rat.” 

Debunking: “Yes, in 30 days. It’s acidic.” 

Misconception: “Imagine what it’s doing to your insides.” 

Debunking: “It’s not inside you for 30 days.” 

Misconception: “It’ll dissolve the enamel on your teeth!” 

Debunking: “So can lemon juice, they have similar pH levels.” 

Misconception: “But the sugar!” 

Debunking: “Sugar is fine and found naturally in many fruits and vegetables.” 

Misconception: “It’s bad for you!”

Debunking: “So is everything.” 

According to Scientific American, while there aren’t any studies on Mountain Dew’s ability to dissolve a mouse, evidence suggests it can erode teeth and bones in months if they are soaked in the soda. This is due to the concentration of citric acid, which is also found in citrus fruits like lemons. 

Artist @milkymikkie used the meme to discuss her painting technique. 

Misconception: “Do you use white paint?”

Debunking: “No, I’m a watercolorist.” 

Misconception: “So what do you use for white?”

Debunking: “The paper.” 

Misconception: “But how do you paint highlights?”

Debunking: “I don’t.” 

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