TikTokers are bearing their souls using a song from ‘Euphoria’

A new TikTok trend has people sharing some of their most vulnerable moments. 

When @delenadiarixss uploaded a video featuring clips from Euphoria, Breaking Bad and Stranger Things it was essentially a collage. But the song the video was set to, “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” by Labrinth, now has TikTokers inspired to share their own lonely moments. 

“I’ve Never Felt So Alone” origins

The singer and producer Labrinth created the entire soundtrack for the first season of HBO’s Euphoria. The song, known as “I’ve Neve Felt So Alone,” is featured in episode four of the series. Euphoria follows a group of high schoolers navigating life’s hurdles so naturally, it has a young fan base. Gen Z has been pretty obsessed with “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” for a while. 

When Labrinth announced the Euphoria soundtrack would be available fans lamented that “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” wasn’t on it. 

“Whoever said I had a song called ‘never felt soo alone?'” Labrinth said in response to the outcry. 

His rebuttal might be because the song (and thus, its title) still has not been officially released. Although you can stream it on Spotify thanks to some sneaky fans. 

The “I’ve Never Felt So Alone” TikTok trend 

People on TikTok are using Labrinth’s song to score their loneliest and most sentimental moments.

When someone asked @briiiidodd why she got a tattoo of a lemon, her answer was bittersweet. 

“Because he loved them,” she said showing clips of a little boy eating a lemon.  

While she didn’t discuss her relationship to him, she said he passed away from childhood cancer. 


He was so proud of himself @ the end he went and showed mum

♬ original sound – THXOC

When @analmalsmother required surgeries, her father stepped up to the plate by taking on her previous duties. In the video, he cooked the family some impressive-looking burgers and was so proud he showed his wife who was resting in bed. 

“Me wondering why my dad can’t even look me in the eyes,” @jt..2k said. “But I know.” 

She then showed photos of her with her mom who she was a spitting image of.


I’ve never felt so lonely.

♬ original sound – THXOC

TikToker @ilovedilfs847 lamented about wanting to have a fun summer but instead feeling lonely and depressed. 

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