Jack Black reprises ‘Nacho Libre’ role for hilarious PSA

Nacho Libre is back and it’s for a good cause. Jack Black reprised the titular “Nacho Libre” role 14 years after the film’s release for a PSA. 

Black filmed himself in the character’s tiny blue speedo and red cape to encourage wearing face masks during the pandemic. Whether he’s the hero America needs or the hero it deserves is another story. But if one person reconsiders their stance on face covers because of Nacho Libre, it could potentially save lives.

“It’s time to be a hero, a hero with a mask. Not this kind,” Black says in the video pointing to his eye mask. 

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Be A Hero… Wear A Mask! #YourActionsSaveLives

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Instead, he puts on a surgical face mask. Then he does a slow-motion dive headfirst into his backyard pool. 

“Be a hero, wear a mask,” Black declares.

Black created the video under the #youractionssavelives movement which encourages social responsibility during the pandemic. The 50-year-old actor’s PSA received over 1.5 million views so he is definitely reaching folks. 

“This is officially my favorite look on you,” Dwayne Johnson said in the comments

“My hero,” Nick Offerman wrote

“Dude, that dive. Is that real?” television showrunner Dan Harmon said

A Pew study in June found that only about 65 percent of U.S. adults say they wear a face mask on a regular basis.

So, as Nacho Libre says, “be a hero, wear a mask.”

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