Who is Jackie James, also known as fatraco0n on TikTok?

Jackie James, aka Jax James and fatraco0n, is a point-of-view (POV) TikToker making eclectic, relatable content on TikTok

James rapidly earned her current 2.6 million followers thanks to her takes on culture and charming personality. 

How old is Jackie James?

James was born on May 2, 2003 and is 17 years old. She hails from North Dakota. 

She’s well-known for her fatraco0n TikTok account. 

Vice described James as the “most quotable personality” on TikTok after nabbing her huge following in only a few months. The 17-year-old manages to discuss everything that would be on a Black teenage girl’s mind: racism, toxic masculinity, transphobia, dating and school life. 

Known for being outspoken, James called out TikTok for undervaluing it’s LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC creators and promoting cultural appropriation. 

“All the trends that we have right now, the music trends, right? The dancing trends,” James told ID. “They’re all created by minorities. ‘The Renegade’, one of the most popular dances on TikTok, was created by a Black girl. And she didn’t get the recognition that she deserved. There is no Black person on TikTok with more than 10 million followers and I think that’s a problem.”

She’s using her platform for activism.

James never shies away from discussing social justice issues, even if her audience isn’t always so on board with it.

“Every time I do talk about activism, there are going to be people who think it’s too much. But I think we need too much right now,” James told Elite Daily. “If you can’t use your voice [on TikTok], then this isn’t somewhere that you should be. Because helping people will always be the main goal. Always.”

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