Woman gets revenge on lazy classmate through viral TikTok

Footage of TikTok user @jake_kuhlman getting out of his car at a gas station shirtless and lip-syncing to “Bartier Cardi” by Cardi B (feat. 21 Savage) went viral on TikTok — and not just because he’s good-looking.

It gained popularity when commenters began suggesting he feature other TikTok stars in the video, and he delivered. There are versions with Tana Mongeau, the app’s famous Willy Wonka impersonator and Larray. They’re all pretty much the same.


Reply to @kennelly_m On god @tanamongeaulol

♬ original sound – huncho

The reason this video went as viral as it did in the first place, though, is because TikTok user @ally_jones_23 uploaded a stitch featuring the original video in which she called @jake_kuhlman out.


#stitch with @jake_kuhlman you haven’t been answering your email… so I figured I’d try this #zyxcba #fyp #hypehouse #college #zyxcba

♬ original sound – Ally Jones

“You haven’t been answering your email… so I figured I’d try this,” she wrote in the caption.

The video plays a short clip of his dance before transitioning to her message for him.

“Hey Jake, hate to ruin your fun, you look like you’re having a blast dancing to Cardi B at a gas station with your shirt off, but we have a group project due tomorrow … it’s 20 percent of our grade and you have written nothing in the Google Docs,” she said in the video.

Commenters were impressed with her direct approach.

“Wow you are a hero,” one wrote.

“Get your priorities right Jake,” another said.

“Good grades do be more attractive than the shirt being off,” a third commented.

Apparently she caught @jake_kuhlman’s attention because he wrote “oops I’m on it,” in the comments. The original video has 2.7 million likes, while @ally_jones_23’s version has reached 4.7 million.

She had a little fun of her own after that and shared her own version of the trend.


I started this project and now I’m gonna have to be the one to finish it 🥱 #ifykyk #savage #zxycba #fyp #jakeyboy #TheWildsChallenge #Catchphrases #i

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

“I started this project and now I’m gonna have to be the one to finish it,” she said.

She wasn’t the only one to call @jake_kuhlman out, though. TikTok user @hmoravek, who claimed to be his teacher said he owed her quite a bit of work.


#stitch with @jake_kuhlman when you’re trying to set up your Christmas tree but notice the kid who owes you work is steadily posting tiktoks

♬ original sound – hmoravek

“Hey Jake, really enjoying your gas station shirtless TikToks,” she said in her video. “What I’m not enjoying is the 13 missing assignments.”

Most of the top comments on @jake_kuhlman’s videos have been about those missing assignments since then.

“Don’t do homework and you will become famous, got it,” one user commented on a video of him hanging out with the Sway House boys.

“Those assignments aren’t going to do themselves Jake,” another wrote on a video he claimed would be his last in the gas station series. It was not.

It’s still not over. TikTok user @audreyamerica_, who works in influencer marketing, also sent @jake_kuhlman a message.


#stitch with @jake_kuhlman check your email, Jake. I feel your pain, @ally_jones_23. #lidsloyal @lids_loyal

♬ original sound – audreyamerica

“Hey Jake, again, I hope I’m not ruining your fun, it really does look like you’re having fun dancing to Cardi B at a gas station with Tana Mongeau, but you were supposed to post a video for a TikTok campaign for Lids, you signed a contract … and now you’re not responding to my teams emails,” she claimed. “This worked once and let’s pray for my job’s sake that it works again.”

In a follow-up video, she said “everything’s been resolved.” Hopefully Jake learns a lesson about delivering on his promises through all this, and maybe the rest of us can learn a thing or two about the fun to be had at gas stations.

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