So, Taco Bell is selling wine now?

It’s a classic pairing: A glass of fine, red wine and some wonderfully savory, high-end cheese.

A less classic pairing? That cheese coming from Taco Bell.

That’s a pairing some fast food lovers will soon be able to try though, as the chain is debuting its own custom Taco Bell wine.

The limited-edition beverage, hilariously named Jalapeño Noir, is currently for sale at Taco Bell Canada, both online and in select stores. The beverage is meant to be paired with the restaurant’s new Toasted Cheesy Chalupa, which is supposedly made with six-month-aged cheddar.

As CNN reported, Jalapeño Noir won’t be coming to the U.S., even though the chalupa will arrive stateside in November. Still, that didn’t stop Taco Bell fans everywhere from weighing in on the item.

Some found the Taco Bell wine, produced by Canada’s Queenston Mile winery, totally outrageous, calling it a “trashy” and “utterly ridiculous” idea.

“Have I finally lost my mind? Can someone unplug the matrix and plug it back in again,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Hey 2020, enough already,” another wrote.

“Why tho,” another added.

Other Twitter users seemed excited to try the wine, which costs $25 Canadian dollars online (around $19 USD). Customers seemed to agree, considering the beverage sold out in just a few minutes.

The Jalapeño Noir announcement comes just a few months after Taco Bell made sweeping changes to its menu. The alterations included removing several items — such as its Mexican Pizza and several potato-based dishes — that had a cult following among customers.

Meanwhile, other restaurant chains have made their own surprising forays into the beverage-making world. As if this year couldn’t get any weirder, Mountain Dew and Red Lobster announced their collaboration on a “Dew Garitacocktail, available nationwide by the end of 2020.

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