James Charles accused of copying merch designs from other YouTubers

James Charles, a beauty YouTuber with more than 21 million followers, has begun designing his own merchandise for fans — but not without controversy.

H3H3’s Ethan Klein called out Charles when he noticed that Charles’ latest line looks suspiciously similar to one of his wife’s collections.

His wife’s clothing line, Teddy Fresh, also features items that feature a similar “colorblocking” pattern, which her husband said was the “same exact design.”

“It’s possible it’s all a totally cosmic coincidence but he used pretty much the identical colors here too, he at least moved em around a little bit,” Ethan Klein wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Charles said he’d never seen the brand before Klein reached out to him — in fact, he said he asked him what to do about the similar styles and did not receive a response before Klein went public with plagiarism accusations.

“Colorblocking” is a fairly popular trend right now. A Twitter user pointed out just how easy it is to find a similar-looking sweatshirt online that isn’t even affiliated with either of the content creators.

The feud it still ongoing, though, it seems.

“You told me you were going to sell them anyway,” Klein responded. “You also admitted that the similarity wasn’t a coincidence. I dm’d you because I wanted to keep this private but I found your response combative and dismissive.”

We’ll see how this turns out — it’s sure to be colorful.

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