James Charles slams Instagram for ‘trash’ update: ‘All they care about is making money’

James Charles might have nearly 24 million followers on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean he’s a fan of the social media app.

On Nov. 12, the beauty blogger ironically took to his Instagram Story to blast the app’s latest update, calling it “trash.”

“As usual, [the update] is absolute trash and proves once again as usual that Instagram does not give a flying f*** about their creators or literally anybody that uses this app,” Charles said. “They moved literally everything around and it makes it very, very clear where their priorities lie and that is making money and only making money.”

Charles went on to throw shade at Instagram Reels, Instagram’s answer to TikTok. As an influencer, Charles is a major presence on TikTok with 28.5 million followers.

“Now the post button leads you to Reels,” he explained about the update. “Nobody f****** asked for Reels. We have TikTok for a reason … at least they have a good algorithm that actually works. Why can’t they just let TikTok be TikTok?”

Charles also blasted Instagram for making changes “that nobody is asking for” instead of listening to user feedback and creating a more desirable user experience.

“People are saying that their posts are not being seen, that their explore page is broken, that their notifications are not going out … and most importantly, that people are not seeing posts on their own timeline from their best friends and family,” he said. “And instead of making any of those changes and actually fixing the app, Instagram just keeps adding features that nobody is asking for. I just don’t understand.”

Though Charles can be controversial, many people agreed with his rant.

“I know people don’t like him but he’s right,” one person said. “I don’t see any of my actual friends posts anymore. My feed is just celebs and influencers and ads. I have post notifications on for all my friends now because I’ll never see their posts otherwise.”

“I can actually agree with him on this,” another added. “The new update is s***. I wish they would have left it the way it was.”

Other users thought he was whining too much over something very inconsequential.

“Unemployment is up, people are getting evicted, losing their jobs, dying from COVID, but yea James. Instagram changing its interface is ‘rage-worthy,'” one person said. “I really am at my wit’s end with these undeserving ‘celebrities.'”

“Must be nice to have the Instagram app format be the most pressing concern in your life,” another wrote.

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