Japanese artist creates tiny, intricate scenes out of leaves: ‘Genius’

A Japanese artist is determined to make a world “represented by a leaf.” 

The nature lover goes by lito_leafart on Instagram and uses paper-cutting techniques to transform leaves into art. The practice is a way for the artist to cope with ADHD, a condition that makes it difficult to focus, and the results are stunning. 

“Before I started leaf-cutting, I used to do paper-cutting, but I couldn’t get much attention. I was shocked to see the work of a Spanish leaf-cutting artist and I started this art as well,” they told Bored Panda

What makes these leaves so special is how small and intricate they are. They contain entire scenes and worlds — like the one where an elephant holding a rose in its trunk hands the flower to a bird nestled in a tree. 

Then there’s another entitled “I’m Home” where a woman pushes a person in a wheelchair as a child and dog run towards them. It’s moving. 

The artist shows how they create the micro-art pieces in a video. First, they draw a stencil onto the leaf. Then, using a precision knife, they carve out each segment and gently pick the excess off with their fingers. It’s a delicate but slow process. But the finished result, a group of cute frogs hanging out, is totally worth it. 

“It is splendid, I love it,” one user commented

“Precise work!” another wrote

“You really are a genius. Thank you for giving us your art. Cheers,” someone added

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