Japanese machine speeds up the grain harvesting process

Iseki is a Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturing company that aims to modernize Japanese agriculture. Its rice harvesting machine is the perfect example of how grain harvesting has evolved thanks to technological advances in equipment.

Harvesting a cereal crop like wheat, barley or rice requires a three-step process that was once tedious for farmers. First, the plant was cut down, then the edible grain part is separated from the inedible chaff. This is called threshing and it’s done by beating the stalks. Lastly, workers had to clean debris off the grain in order for the mill to use it.

Iseki’s harvesting equipment completes all of these steps with ease. Instead of being relegated to the laborious process of cutting, threshing and cleaning, workers simply operate the machine.

Farmers drive the combine harvester into the field of rice crops and as the machine rides over the crops it cuts, threshes and cleans the grains. Most combine harvesters like this one use a series of rotating blades, sieves, wheels and elevators to achieve what once took hours, in mere seconds.

Iseki’s harvester is optimized for high performance with its branded engine. The 90-liter fuel tank is great for continuous work but also requires less fuel to operate than other machines. In addition to a cutting section with an adjustable height for various crop sizes, its massive threshing drum can be reversed to remove stuck rice stems.

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