Japanese YouTuber streams the life of adorable pet owl

Unlike in the U.S., owls can be kept as legal pets in Japan. The bird holds a special meaning in the country. They are symbols of luck, protection, knowledge and wisdom. One Japanese YouTube channel, Owl Shanon, is even devoted to the daily life of Shannon, a domesticated blue-eyed owl. 

video shows the small bird sleeping in some grass and enjoying a few scratches from her owner. In another scene in the compilation, Shannon enjoys a treat, is spotted sleeping, exploring and perched on her owner’s finger. Who would’ve thought an owl would make a sweet pet?

There are lots of reasons owls can make great pets. They have a simple diet, that is if you’re OK with feeding them small rodents and birds. Because they are nocturnal, owls won’t bother you during the day when you’re doing most of your tasks. Instead, your owl baby is likely waking up right when you’re clocking out. If you find a dog too needy, then an owl might be your best bet.

These solitary creatures don’t need tons of affection and socializing to stay healthy. Moreover, owls are also sedentary so they don’t require physical activity and energy expulsion the same way other birds like parrots or dogs would. If you already have snakes or large reptiles as pets, then you’re probably also suited to care for and vibe with an owl.

Although the animal cannot be kept as a legal pet in the U.S., some individuals, like advanced falconers, can acquire them through licenses. 

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