Woman confronts boyfriend over ‘shady’ interactions with his female best friend: ‘I am insanely jealous’

A woman is jealous of her boyfriend’s female friend — but she just wants to shake the negative feeling altogether.

She went on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. The boyfriend’s best friend, Kate, recently started getting a lot of attention from him, and it made the user upset. But now the woman is wondering whether it’s all in her head or if she has a good reason to be jealous.

“I am insanely jealous of my boyfriend’s best friend, help! She’s actually really nice and we get along quite well,” the user wrote. “However, a few months ago I would notice how my boyfriend would always say things like, Kate is so funny, Kate is so good at driving, Kate has such a good sense of fashion, etc. He would always compliment her outfit and then look over to me and say, you look really good today too. As if he just said it not to make me feel bad or something.”

One night, the user and her boyfriend were hanging out with Kate. While they were smoking weed and passing a joint around, her boyfriend skipped over her and handed it right to Kate. “This upset me because I felt I was being overlooked,” the user explained.

Afterward, she asked the boyfriend if something happened between him and Kate. He said they had a minor fling when they were 13 years old but nothing since.

“I don’t have reason to believe he’s lying. I’ve put on a bit of weight the last couple of months so some of my clothes don’t fit anymore. Kate has a perfect body — which brings my self-esteem down even more. The last month my jealousy has just gone out of control. I feel this deep hate for her and know I shouldn’t. […] I don’t want to feel like this anymore,” she wrote.

Reddit users offered the woman their advice and admitted that her boyfriend might still harbor feelings for Kate.

“He might be doing something shady,” one person wrote

“You aren’t psycho, you aren’t insecure and you aren’t imagining this,” someone else said.

“Doesn’t sound like she is necessarily returning it but I think he’s holding a torch for her,” another user commented.

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