An ex-Amish TikTok user is going viral for trying ‘English’ things for the first time — but is it real?

Once again, TikTok is in a tizzy of drama thanks to a person claiming to be formerly Amish. 

The account @jeds_adventures quickly garnered viral fame. It appeared to follow Jedediah, an ex-Amish man, exploring the “English” or the non-Amish world. Jedediah quickly amassed his current 368,000 with many endeared to him. However, an anonymous account with photos of Jedediah claims he was never Amish at all. 

Who is Jedediah? 


Jedediah trying a milkshake for the first time. He’s out out here living his best life. #amish #escapetheamish #fypシ

♬ Amish Paradise (Parody of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio) – “Weird Al” Yankovic

On May 9, @jeds_adventures posted its first video. It featured Jedediah, “trying a milk shake for the first time” at a bustling restaurant. The video was scored to “Amish Paradise” Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” 

The TikTok received over 9.5 million views and 1.8 million likes. 

“That is a look of pure happiness!” one person wrote.

“Welcome to a whole world full of milkshakes,” another said

In a now-deleted video, Jedediah claimed to be a 28-year-old who left the Amish community and was once married to a woman there. He alleged that he now lives in Tennessee. 

Jedediah gets exposed 

The TikTok account @iseeyou3156, which has since been deleted, uploaded videos of Jedediah to prove he was never Amish. The account claimed that Jedediah’s real name was Ethan Linder and that he actually lives in South Carolina. 

The photos had images of him and a woman, Kaitlyn Linder, believed to be his wife. According to Newsweek, a couple with the names Ethan and Kaitlyn Linder in South Carolina appear to be real and they are not Amish. 

While @iseeyou3156 implied Jedediah was scamming followers by requesting money on Venmo, Newsweek found no evidence of that. 

Newsweek contacted Kaitlyn Linder who set the record straight. The account was started by Ethan’s sister as a joke.

“There is no scam, his sister literally posted a stupid video that took off unintentionally,” Linder told Newsweek. “Nothing has been scammed from anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous over a stupid TikTok.”

Jedediah’s account now says “satire entertainment” in the bio. His followers still appear to be having fun with the premise. Many people still leave recommendations for new things to try.

“Give him some McDonald’s Sprite,” one person wrote.

“Take him to Dave and Buster’s,” another commented.

“Give him wasabi,” a user suggested.

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