Who is Jeffree Star dating? Here is the beauty blogger’s relationship history

It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about Jeffree Star. He’s a controversial makeup guru who’s been famous ever since Myspace dominated social media.

You may know Star from those (debunked) rumors that he had an affair with Kanye West or from any number of his feuds with other beauty influencers.

Below, learn all about the beauty mogul’s dating history.

Chris Crocker — 2005-2009

Crocker is famous for coining the (ironically prescient) phrase “Leave Britney alone.”

An influencer before the term was ubiquitous, Crocker allegedly dated Star from 2005 to 2009. The couple never actually confirmed their relationship, so some believe they were just friends.

Nathan Schwandt — 2015-Jan. 2020

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Star dated Nathan Schwandt for five years from 2015 to January 2020. At one point, they lived together with a brood of Pomeranians in a California mansion.

In a video entitled “We Broke Up,” Star discussed their relationship’s end. He suggested that Schwandt never wanting fame, the death of one of their dogs and family health issues all were factors in their breakup.

“The love of my life is no longer here every morning,” Star said.

Andre Marhold — Aug. 2020-Oct. 2020

Star had a short-lived relationship with pro basketball player Andre Marhold from August 2020 to October 2020. But there was no shortage of drama.

At first, there were rumors that Star paid Marhold to date him, though they both denied this.

The real scandal started when the pair split and Star accused Marhold of stealing on Instagram.

“All of a sudden there’s some Louis Vuitton luggage missing, there’s some backpacks missing and there’s a few sunglasses missing,” Star said. “So everyone saying, ‘Jeffree Star got robbed,’ someone just stole a few things.”

In a tell-all interview, Marhold told his side of the story. The athlete allegedly believes that Star, who has been accused of racism multiple times, has racial biases that led him to accuse Marhold of the robbery.

Marhold denied robbing Star and was never charged by authorities. He also claimed that their relationship came to an end because of Star’s control issues stemming from Schwandt having supposedly cheated on him.

Sean van der Wilt — Feb. 2021-present (rumored)

It’s possible that Jeffree Star is currently dating actor Sean van der Wilt, Trisha Paytas’ ex whom she publicly outed in a controversial YouTube video.

On Feb. 28, 2021, Star posted cryptic photos of a man’s naked torso and a picture of his red wig on top of the same towel the man was wearing with the caption, “He loves when I wear red. I love when he wears nothing.”

Not long after, media personality and gossip columnist Perez Hilton tweeted that he believed the mystery man was Sean van der Wilt — which, he added, was a “match made in hell.”

Neither Star nor van der Wilt have confirmed the rumors, but many users have pointed out that the toned torso in Star’s photo looks eerily similar to van der Wilt’s. Hopefully we’ll have some answers soon!

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