Traveler’s Jell-O hack will ease your fear of flying: ‘You don’t have to be scared’

A pilot’s Jell-O metaphor perfectly explains why you shouldn’t be afraid of flying. 

Humans obviously can’t fly, so it’s always going to feel unnatural when you’re up in the air. If flying gives you anxiety, especially when there’s turbulence, Anna Paul shared why there’s nothing to be afraid of. Basically, the laws of physics will protect you. 


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Paul explained that it’s helpful to imagine the sky as a cup full of Jell-O. She then crumpled up a tiny piece of napkin, which she said represented the airplane, and dropped it into the cup of Jell-O. The piece of tissue slowly sunk deeper but never reached the bottom. 

“That is you flying through the sky,” she said. “There’s pressure from the bottom, pressure from the top, from the sides. Pressure coming from everywhere, OK?” 

She tapped the top of the Jell-O cup to demonstrate what turbulence is like. The napkin shook as the Jell-O wobbled, but it didn’t sink any deeper. 

“You feel the plane shaking, but this is not just going to fall down,” she said, pointing to the piece of napkin lodged in the Jell-O, representing an airplane midair. “It’s stuck in there because there’s pressure coming from the bottom and the sides,” Paul said

She added that there has never been a plane crash caused by turbulence either, “so you don’t have to be scared.” 

The helpful tip received 18.7 million views and 3.9 million likes on TikTok

“This genuinely has helped me SO much,” a user said

“This actually put me at such ease, I can’t even tell you,” another wrote

“Thank you! I’m flying today, and this helped!!” a person added

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