TikTok users baffled by new homeowner’s ‘strange’ bathroom discovery

A woman is going viral after revealing the bizarre place she found a pair of Jenga pieces while trying to repair her new home.

Unexpected home discoveries are nothing new on TikTok. In the last few months alone, users have found “scary” secret basements, bizarrely shaped staircases and hidden doors in their bathrooms. That’s not to mention the Reddit user who found a giant Monopoly board under their carpet.

After moving into a new home, TikToker Dakota Delaney (@dakotadelaney7) made a much tinier discovery — in terms of size at least. Still, the revelation was strange enough that her viral clip has now drawn more than 6.2 million views.

“When you buy a new home and find out how the owner fixed things,” Delaney captioned her clip.


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In the video, Delaney shows what she claims she found while attempting to repair her bathroom. Inside her wall, there appeared to be a handful of Jenga pieces keeping her toilet paper holder in place.

It’s impossible to know for sure if the former owners in Delaney’s home actually used Jenga pieces to fix their broken fixtures. Delaney could be pulling a prank on her followers, or someone else could’ve left the pieces there.

Still, most TikTokers seemed to buy Delaney’s story simply because it was so bizarre. Some called the finding “strange,” and criticized the former owners.

“How did this pass an inspection?” one user wrote.

“That doesn’t seem right,” another added.

“Oh my god,” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile, praised the idea. Several TikTokers called it a “genius” home repair hack.

“Wait no I think they’re on to something,” one commenter wrote.

“If you pull them you have to put them back up top somewhere,” another joked.

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