Jenna Larson wants to see more positive representation of women and queer stories in film

As a YouTuber and a filmmaker, Jenna Larson has many stories she wants to tell.

After spending years being unimpressed with the representation of women in films, she decided to start making her own. Since starting film school, Larson’s mission has always been to create an authentic and empathetic story that properly represents her experience as a queer woman.

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“It’s really about getting my story out into the world in an artistic format,” Larson told In The Know. “I really didn’t anticipate that people would connect to it so much.”

Larson’s ambition was affirmed first by her classmates, and then her 432,000 YouTube subscribers. Her first film out of school was called Prom Night, which followed the prom experience of a bisexual protagonist. It was entirely self-funded.

“I have seen so many prom films, but at the time I had never seen a queer prom film,” she explained. “That was my first time writing a script that wasn’t my own personal experience.”

After Prom Night got accepted into some independent film festivals, Larson was greeted with branding opportunities. Instead of doing the traditional sit-down videos on YouTube, she decided to incorporate the products into her short films.

“That’s the avenue I took with [my short film] Her First Time, and when Her First Time got 30 million views [on YouTube], it got the attention of another company that wanted to produce whatever I was doing next,” she said.

That next project was Hot Summer Daze, a female-focused, sex-positive web series.

“Representation is so, so extremely important,” Larson said. “[My] overall goal is to connect people and create a space for compassion.”

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