Woman with androgenic alopecia is educating TikTok about wigs

Jennifer Brown is a TikTok user with androgenic alopecia. It’s a condition that can affect any gender and causes hair loss, male pattern baldness and/or a receding hairline.

Brown is all about educating her audience on living with alopecia. In 2020, she began wearing wigs on most days. Not only does she show others living with hair loss how to rock and care for their wig collections, but she’s also normalizing wig-wearing.

“I spent all of my 20s hating my thin hair,” Brown explained in a TikTok. “I decided I was done hating part of myself. So I purchased my first Follea wig. Wigs have given me back my confidence.”

She also uses her platform to dispel myths about wigs and is quite matter-of-fact about why she wears them: because she wants to.

“It’s a common misconception that you have to be bald, going through cancer or have a certain degree of hair loss before you can wear a wig before it’s socially acceptable,” Brown said in another clip. “But that’s just not the case anymore. Women are wearing wigs because they don’t like their hair or because they just want their hair to look different.” 

In one of her most popular videos, Brown showed how she gets her wigs looking perfect. First, she put her hair back in a small bun. She picked a medium-length blonde wig with an ombré based on her mood and secured it on her head. To make her part line look a little more realistic on the lace-front wig, she brushed on some Elf concealer to define it. Brown then flat-ironed the wig to primp it up a bit.

The TikTok garnered over 9.5 million views. 

“Oh, you look beautiful. The wig is great,” one user said

“You’re beautiful before and after, queen,” another added.

“That wig is so gorgeous on you, OMG,” someone else wrote.

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