Teen with tics goes viral on TikTok for her beauty tutorial

Jess is a 15-year-old from England with a whopping 2.1 million followers on TikTok

Jess uses her popular platform to share her experience living with tics, which are sudden repeated gestures or sounds that she cannot control or stop her body from doing.

Some of the recent tics Jess said she’s been experiencing include whistling, K-pop song lyrics and sometimes even the phrase “Peppa Pig.”

In February, Jess said she had been experiencing tics sometime during quarantine in 2020. 

“When I first noticed them they were small head twitches along with squeak noises and they rarely happened,” Jess said in the comment section of a video. “Now they’ve change quite a lot.”

Last September, she went viral when she showed her followers how she does her eyeliner with tics. 


sorry i have a cold my voice is a bit quiet and stuff if you have any questions feel free to askk #tics #ticsawareness #awareness #makeup #epic #fyp

♬ original sound – jess

Jess started off by doing a line branching out from her inner corner to make a cat-eye. The line wasn’t perfect as her hand suddenly moved, but imperfections are a part of the process. She drew another line to complete the outline of the cat-eye. Jess cleaned up the lines with a swab and added eyeliner underneath. 

The video received over 12.3 million views on TikTok

“This is an epic eyeliner moment,” one user commented.

“Your patience is astounding. If my tics ruined my eyeliner, I’d get so frustrated,” another said. 

“My tics almost completely stops when I’m super focused on makeup,” someone added.

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