News anchors freeze after ‘inappropriate’ moment: ‘Jessica, we are live’

The internet has picked up the phrase “Jessica, we are live,” thanks to a viral faux pas between two newscasters. 

Squabbles and frustrating moments between coworkers are nothing new. It just so happens that when presenters Elmarie Kapunda and Jessica Kaimu, from Namibia, had theirs, it was broadcast live. During an airing on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Kapunda introduced Kaimu’s sports segment. But Kaimu was not having it.

 “No, you’re not going to do that. You’re just going to greet me, and say, ‘Take it away,'” Kaimu told Kapunda. 

“Jessica, we are live,” Kapunda responded

Then there was nothing but dead air and some tense staring between the two women. Eventually, a news graphic appeared and transitioned into a new segment. 

Anchors in the U.S. and abroad bicker and have gaffes all the time. Thanks to the internet, moments that you once had to catch live or miss forever can be captured and circulated thousands of times in an instant. 

The Twitter user @ShadowsofWolf_ shared Kapunda and Kaimu’s moment and the clip now has almost 1 million views. 

“The face expression kills me, man,” a user tweeted

“Lol. Jessica chose the wrong time to settle scores,” another said

“Jessica was like nope,” a person joked.

According to Namibian Broadcasting Corporation chairperson Lazarus Jacobs, the incident was all a misunderstanding. 

“Unfortunately for the sports presenter, I don’t know what happened in her earpiece, she did not realize she was on air,” Jacobs told CNN. “What people heard and saw was something that was supposed to happen behind the scenes.”

He added that Kaimu froze once she realized she was live and that the two women have no beef whatsoever. 

“The two ladies are good colleagues (and) last night they had a live chat where they had a good laugh about it,” Jacobs said. “Once you realize that you are on the air and you’ve said something that might be inappropriate for the viewer, you basically freeze.” 

While no disciplinary action is being taken, Kaimu and Kapunda have agreed to complete an on-air training program. 

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