Toddler experiences cotton candy for the first time, and her joy is too pure

One little girl in Texas experienced the tasty (and tactile) joy that comes with a fluff of cotton candy, and her reaction was too pure.

In the heart-melting TikTok video, Zola Cotton, the 19-month-old daughter of Texas Rangers pitcher Jharel Cotton, takes a handful of pink cotton candy from her mom, Emma, while sitting at her dad’s baseball game. When she grabs it, she immediately rubs the soft candy on her chin and cheek.


Experiencing cotton candy for the first time #toddlersoftiktok

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“Eat it,” Emma says off-screen. “Look. It is soft, isn’t it?”

Little Zola, who appears on her family’s TikTok page @meetthecottons, watches her mom take a bite of the fluffy treat and then takes a bite herself.

At first, she looks a little skeptical, but then she breaks out into an infectious smile, clearly approving of her new sweet treat.

Viewers can hear laughter as little Zola goes in for another (more confident) bite.

“Her expression was priceless,” dad Jharel told “Her expression, everything, it’s infectious. It’s amazing.”

TikTokers loved the video, too. The post has logged more than 5 million views, with users commenting on what they thought the swatch of candy must have looked like to Zola.

“She thought she was tasting a blanket, then that sweetness hit,” one TikToker wrote.

“Awww, she thought it was a cuddle buddy,” wrote another.

One TikToker wrote what all parents were thinking:

“Lmaoooo ’cause toddlers be tasting everything BUT FOOD,” they shared.

This adorable toddler and her cotton candy adventure melted hearts way beyond the Rangers’ stadium and Texas.

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