Esports host Jimmy Mondal talks about the challenges of breaking into the gaming

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Esports host and Valorant commentator Jimmy Mondal joins Narz in this episode of In The Know’s The Power Up

Mondal is known for his gigs with Cheddar, Andbox and Microsoft. When Narz linked up with him, he is two days fresh off his new position as an executive producer and host for Dexerto. The two old acquaintances talk breaking into the gaming industry and reminisce how they got their starts at the Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

“Back when Overwatch was a big thing I started playing in all of these tournaments at the Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue,” Mondal tells Narz. “They did some small tournaments there. I started my journey as a player, worked my way up to being a commentator. Small beginnings at the Microsoft store.” 

Mondal has come a long way since then and is now gearing up to bring more gaming content to a wide audience with Dexerto’s new entertainment channel. 

“We’re going to be doing lots of creative content and lots of funny satirical stuff around gaming,” he says. “We’re just going to be making some good docu-series on players, personalities and really everything in this space because we feel like it deserves more attention.” 

When Narz quizzes him on advice for noobs trying to find a way into the industry, Mondal gets brutally honest. 

“Have a candid conversation with yourself. ‘Am I ready to work?'” Mondal advises. “There’s no easy way into this industry at all. At the beginning, you will be working for no money, for a long time. That’s unfortunately the truth, I wish there was some other way. I would love for people to get into this industry in a way that is ethical and a way that makes sense.” 

He recommends picking a lane and staying there for those who are trying to make their mark. Like in his scrappier days when money was scarce and he was streaming in his pajamas for the love of the game. 

“If you want to be a commentator, commentate games,” Mondal says. “Do it twice a week. You don’t have to work that hard, in the sense that if you keep doing it twice a week. And keep the motions up, keep the repetitiveness up, you’ll grow.” 

Most importantly, he says to make your wealth of knowledge about your passion your biggest asset. 

“Don’t compare yourself to anybody,” he says. “Work really hard on your craft, refine yourself. Build up your confidence, build up your knowledge of the things you want to talk about and your work will shine through.”

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