TikToker reveals the ‘unprofessional’ way he learned he was rejected for a job

A 19-year-old TikToker is going viral after sharing a company’s “unprofessional” response to his job application.

The teen, who goes by the name Alexander (@noveltygay) on the app, revealed the frustrating experience on March 15.

In his video, which now has over 4 million views, he showed how he allegedly received an email from the company’s HR department. The email seems to show an employee discussing why they wanted to reject Alexander’s application.

Alexander’s video is just the latest viral clip to open a discussion about corporate etiquette. Earlier this year, another TikToker shared how she lost a job opportunity over her “inappropriate” voicemail greeting.

In Alexander’s case, the issue stemmed from a major misunderstanding. The TikToker posted a follow-up video explaining his situation, during which he claimed the company wrongly believed he’d skipped an interview.

As he detailed in that clip, he had previously applied for a job at the same company in December. An employee reached out to him, asking about a good time for an interview, and Alexander responded. But then, he says, he never heard back.

“They had supposedly sent me an interview time, I never got it,” he said in the video. “It was not my fault I didn’t show up for an interview.”


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After that, Alexander reapplied in the new year. But according to the email chain he accidentally received, the company believed he had skipped his interview in December. So it decided not to hire him.

“That’s such a trigger to me,” he added. “Because I would never no-call, no-show to an interview … especially when I was broke as s***.”

Alexander said he responded to the HR email with screenshots proving he’d never been offered an interview time. However, he hasn’t heard from the company since then.

TikTok users had strong reactions to the story. To help quell Alexander’s disappointment, many shared their own job rejection mishaps. Even Hank Green, the YouTuber and author who is now also famous on TikTok, chimed in.

“I was once visiting my girlfriend at her work,” he wrote. “And I sat in the break room while two people talked about how bad my cover letter was.”

“My boss (HR manager) accidentally emailed the ENTIRE COMPANY the decision to fire someone,” another user added.

“I once got told I was hired, and then they called me back and said they called the wrong applicant,” another wrote.

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