TikToker stuns viewers with video of their ‘patronizing’ job rejection email

Rejection is never easy, but for one TikToker, it was almost excruciating.

That was all thanks to a strange, “patronizing” email, which the 21-year-old shared in a now-viral video.

The TikToker, who goes by the username @pur_purblock, posted the clip on July 12. In the footage, they read aloud an email containing “the worst job rejection” they’ve ever received.

It’s just the latest in an ongoing series of popular videos, where TikTokers show the frustrating ways they’ve been rejected.

In one clip, a user showed how he accidentally received an email from a company’s HR department — in which employees were discussing why they weren’t giving him a job. In another, a TikToker was told she was passed over for a job due to her “unprofessional” voicemail.

The issue with @pur_purblock’s rejection was about tone more than anything. The entire email, which the TikToker reads in dramatic fashion, is apparently an attempt to sound funny and casual.


thanks for patronising me into a rage that can only be desrcibed as ‘firey’

♬ original sound – Tamsyn Fox

“Dear Tamsyn,” the email begins. “We’ll cut to the chase: your application wasn’t successful. And who knows, maybe we’ve made a big mistake?”

The message goes on to mention that both Albert Einstein and Steven Spielberg both suffered major rejections early in their careers. Then, with a certain amount of random dropped words, the letter writer explains that failure is all part of the journey.

Finally, the email attempts to strike an encouraging tone.

“Perhaps you’ll prove us wrong (we certainly hope so),” the message says. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

For obvious reasons, @pur_purblock leaves out the company’s name, but doesn’t hold back in criticizing the email.

The clip is captioned: “Thanks for patronising me into a rage that can only be described as ‘firey.'”

Commenters seemed to agree.

“I would be glad not to get the job,” one user wrote.

“I’d rather have no reply at all,” another added.

“I personally feel patronized reading this,” another wrote.

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