TikToker hilariously highlights the ‘struggles’ of growing up half white, half Hispanic

When you grow up in a household with multiple heritages, it can be difficult navigating all the cultural differences and contradictions. 

Comedy TikToker Jon Gonzalez identifies as a “whispanic causing panic.” He’s all about poking fun at the hilarious ups and downs of being Spanish and white American. Let’s just say the two sides of his family are not quite the same, and his 1 million followers can totally relate. 


The struggles of growing up 1/2 white 1/2 Hispanic Part 3… #relatable #viral #fyp #hispanic #funny

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“The struggles of growing up half white, half Hispanic,” Gonzalez wrote in a video caption

During family gatherings on Gonzalez’s white side, the menu is always the same: hamburgers and hot dogs

“We just always have hamburgers and hot dogs,” Gonzalez explained to his uncle in the sketch. “Tanner got married last month and we had hamburgers and hot dogs at the wedding. It’s just different on the other side of my family.” 

Then he cut to an interaction with his tío (uncle) on his Hispanic side about what they were eating at a birthday party. 

“Your tía (aunt) is bringing frijoles, arroz, carne guisada,” his tío explained. “On the grill I have tripas, carnitas, fajitas. Anything with ‘titas’ on the end is on that grill. We have barbacoa, we have sopapillas, pozole, menudo, tortillas. Que mas quieres, mijo? [What else do you want, son?]” 

At first, all of the options seemed like the better alternative — until he was completely overwhelmed by them. 

The funny clip racked up 1.5 million likes on TikTok

“The accuracy. Mexican on my mom’s side, white on my dad’s. This was my childhood,” one user commented

“I can relate to this 100 percent,” another wrote

“I’m half white and half Hispanic and this is the best way you can put it,” someone said

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