Who is Josephine Langford? Meet the star of the ‘After’ films

Josephine Langford is the breakout star of Netflix’s hot and heavy college romance After, based on the novel by Anna Todd.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Aussie who subverts “good girl” tropes as Tessa Young.

Her sister Katherine Langford is also famous.

Langford was born on Aug. 18, 1997, in Applecross, Australia, a suburb in Perth.

Both of her parents, Stephen Langford and Elizabeth Green, are doctors. Her big sister is another famous actress: Katherine Langford, star of 13 Reasons Why and Cursed. (Though rumors have circulated that Katherine and Josephine are “feuding,” Josephine clarified that their busy schedules prevent them from hanging out as much as they’d like to.)

There’s more to Langford than her family, though. For instance, she also happens to be a huge fan of Marvel and action films.

“I’m all about Marvel, I’m all about action. I love Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I love Die Hard, I love Inception, I love The Dark Knight,” Langford told MTV News. 

She started acting at an early age.

Langford booked her first acting gig at age 14. However, the 23-year-old’s breakout role came in 2019 as After’s Tessa Young. 

“I’ve tested for so many shows, I’ve gotten so many jobs and then not gotten them, or you’re about to get a job, and you don’t have a visa,” Langford told MTV News. “You just do the roles that you want to do and that you’re lucky enough to get cast in and then eventually you have that career. I feel like you can’t control it; it just happens organically.”

The actress is currently filming the two next films in the After series: After We Fell and After Ever Happy. She’s also set to star in Netflix’s upcoming film Moxie alongside Patrick Schwarzenegger and Hadley Robinson.

No, she is not dating her After co-star Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

Things get pretty steam between Langford and her After co-star Hero Fiennes Tiffin — but that’s only on-screen.

“No matter how many times I say or Jo says or we both say that like, we’re not together, we never have been, it’s just strictly a professional relationship … no matter how many times I clarify or she clarifies or we clarify that that’s not the case, this will collect dust. […] We have a great professional relationship and that’s all it is,” Tiffin recently explained to Hollywire.

She likes to keep her private life private.

You won’t find much about Langford’s personal life online — and that’s just how she likes it.

“I’m a relatively private person,” the actress told Cosmopolitan. “I feel like when you get into this industry, it’s so important to have your boundaries. That’s just something I’m trying to do at the moment. Maintain boundaries.”

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