Who is Josh Morris? The TikToker has an overconfident alter ego

If you’ve seen “the man in the orange suit” on TikTok, then you probably already know who Josh Morris is. But for the uninitiated, brace yourself for one of the internet’s more delightful absurdities.

It’s hard to describe exactly what it is that Josh Morris does. But his alter ego “the man in the orange suit” has earned him over 2.1 million followers on TikTok (where he is @josh1morris) and 17,000 followers on Instagram, making him a bona fide TikTok star.

Who is Josh Morris, aka ‘the man in the orange suit,’ on TikTok?


Your back door was open😼😈

♬ call out my name – chillytunees

According to his Instagram, Morris appears to be a New Jersey native. Based on his posts, it looks like he graduated high school in 2018.

The man in the orange suit is Josh Morris’ comedic character known for donning a satin pajama-like orange suit with a matching cowboy hat. He always has a scrunched, “sexy” face and a lot of unearned confidence.

Morris’ character seems to wind up in the strangest of places, saying nothing, but he always has the same steely expression and stance.

The song “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd is his calling card, often played for a comedically chilling effect. In this video, for instance, the song starts playing as someone checks the house for an intruder — and before you know it, Morris is posing in his suit and scrunching his face into his signature look.

Morris uses the P.O.V. format for a lot of his videos

Most of Morris’ videos use the TikTok point-of-view format to set up each scenario. The skits are typically from the “You” perspective so that it feels as though you’re encountering the man in the orange suit yourself.

“POV: You’re getting mugged and see this… you feel safe now?” he captioned one video.

A mugger then approached the camera (wielding a coffee mug as a weapon). Just as he was about to strike, the man in the orange suit punched him. Then “Call Out My Name” played and Morris made his typical scrunched face.

Some more examples of ‘the man in the orange suit’ on TikTok


Might need a bigger spoon😳😈

♬ call out my name – chillytunees

In this POV, you grab a spoon from the utensil drawer — but when you close it, you see the man in the orange suit’s face down below. When you look up, he’s strutting on the countertop.


Might need a bigger bed😳😈

♬ call out my name – chillytunees

In this one, you’re ready to get into bed for the night, but when you lift the sheet under, it is … the man in the orange suit. He’s inescapable.


Ayo he valid⁉️@jordan1morris

♬ call out my name – chillytunees

In this video, the man in the orange suit met the man in the pink suit, who appears to be someone named Jordan Morris.

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