Who are Julia and Lauren Burch? The twin gamers taking over TikTok

Julia and Lauren Burch are identical twin sisters, gamers and anime lovers climbing the popularity ranks on TikTok

The Burch sisters have experienced a huge rise in followers in 2021 thanks to their soft anime-style and lip-sync videos. 

Who are Julia Burch and Lauren Burch? 

The 20-year-old sisters from Canada make all different kinds of content but tend to focus on gaming, vlogging and anime. 

Julia has 2.5 million TikTok followers while Lauren has 6.2 million

On Twitch, Julia tends to stream Minecraft and Outlast and Lauren does a lot more personal videos. Combined the sisters have about 100,000 Twitch followers. 

Why are Julia and Lauren Burch popular on TikTok? 

As anime and gaming culture becomes even more popular, people on TikTok have taken to showing their personalized gaming setups. These special setups tend to be elaborate, decorative and playful. 

Lauren’s setup is pink and anime-themed, for example and featured in one of her most popular videos with over 2.2 million views. Another video, with over 1 million views showed her cosplaying as Ahri from Leauge of Legends in a bunny suit. 

Meanwhile one of Julia’s most-watched videos features her dancing to k-pop. It earned over 1 million views. 

“This is the best,” one user wrote

“You are awesome at dancing,” another said

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