What is the Junebug Challenge? Check out TikTok’s latest dance craze

TikTok users are doing the Junebug Challenge to flex from all sorts of different locations. 

Some TikTok dance challenges can be, well, challenging — but fortunately, the Junebug Challenge is super easy. It only requires a simple arm movement (and lots of swag). 

What is the Junebug Challenge? 

In the challenge, TikTokers do a dance called the “Junebug walk” in various locations, then edit the clips together to create a chill cinematic effect. 

The #junebugchallenge hashtag currently has 32.9 million views on TikTok. — and counting.

Who started the challenge?

The TikToker @juneelite__ is credited as the originator after he did the dance in a post. He flailed his arms back and forth, in a football stadium, subway station, Golden Gate bridge and the sidewalk. 

What song is used in the Junebug Challenge? 

The song featued in most of the videos is “BeatBox” by the rapper SpotemGottem. 

Check out some examples of the Junebug Challenge below.

The best part of TikTok memes is how users put their own spin on things. This time was no exception with lots of people getting creative.

The user @cianasingh had her 80-year-old grandma join in on the fun with her.


Mood cause Netflix Dreams ep.2 just hit 500,000 views in 2 days ! Go watch now on Netflix YouTube or click the link in my bio #junebugchallenge @junee

♬ original sound – Junebug

Then @kingvader and his friends put a martial arts twist on the viral dance craze.


When all your friends are business owners !! We manifesting millions and supporting each other all 2021 🎉 #junebugchallenge

♬ original sound – TheBSimone

A few business-owning baddies added crab legs, rosé and a sense of humor in @therealbsimone‘s version. 

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