‘Jurassic’ theme park character shows love to his girlfriend in an adorable way

Sam Anderson might look tough, but underneath his scales, he has a heart of gold.

When he’s in character as a raptor at the “Jurassic Park” experience at Universal Studios, crowds gather to watch him roar and thrash.

A handler warns onlookers to keep an eye out for him as he becomes uncontrollable, bucking his head. He prowls around, searching the crowd.

Then his massive claws flash the tiniest wave at a woman nearby. It’s the same person every time — his (human) girlfriend.

Megan Emerson and her boyfriend do this little routine whenever she can come visit him at work.

She told In The Know that the first time she saw Anderson in costume, she was intimidated.

“At first I had no idea and was actually quite terrified, but he started to give me waves every time he found me in the crowd,” she said. “It just became our thing.”

She shared a compilation of their adorable interactions to TikTok.


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“I think it’s romantic,” Emerson says in the video.

The adorable couple has been together two and a half years.

Emerson told In The Know that she tries to visit Anderson at work often.

“When we first started dating, I came every time he worked so I could spend time with him,” she said. “Now that I have a full-time job it’s hard to, but I definitely go when I can!”

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