Just 7 of the best hair tools for thick, coily hair

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When you are someone with thick, coily hair, you know that all tools are not created equal. Chances are, you can relate to Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries when that paddle brush broke in her bushy tresses.

While there are hundreds of combs and brushes on the market, only select products are specifically geared to those with naturally thick and coily textures. Oftentimes, you don’t realize that a hair tool isn’t for you until your hair is shedding more than it should.

If your hair needs some serious TLC, here are just a few products that thick and coily haired beauty lovers should have in their daily hair care routine. 

Pro tip: when using any of the tools shown below, start from your ends up to your roots. This way, you limit the amount of damage, pulling and overall shedding of your new growth.

Wide-Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb is one of the best hair tools for thick, coily hair. Consider this your go-to hair tool whether your hair is wet or dry. A wide-tooth comb lets you get through the knots and tangles a bit more seamlessly.

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Detangler Brush

A detangler brush gets through the nitty gritty knots. You may hate it, but this is what you want to use to ensure your hair is thoroughly combed out. If your wide-tooth comb missed some kinks, you better believe your detangler brush won’t miss them. Using a detangler brush definitely requires some elbow grease, but you’ll feel better knowing your hair is prepped and ready for styling straight out of the shower.

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Comb Attachment For Hair Dryer

If you’re going to put heat on your hair for a blowout, comb attachments are super helpful. Sectioning while awkwardly holding a comb and a dryer is a pain. That’s the beauty of a universal comb attachment for your hair dryer, which will come in clutch for braids and overall detangling.

Shop: Red by Kiss Universal Detangling Blow Dryer Hair Styling Pik, $6.53

Credit: Amazn

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