Chick-fil-A customers are blown away by this ‘crazy’ chicken nugget hack

Why are Chick-fil-A fans freaking out over Just BARE chicken nuggets?

Apparently, the budget-saving, breaded chicken snacks taste “just like” the chain’s beloved nuggets.

The Just BARE phenomenon started with a video from user @floridamomof3. After reviewing the nuggets with one of her daughters, the TikToker sparked a sensation around the snack.

In the now-viral clip, @floridamomof3 and her daughter open the bag of freezer aisle nuggets — noting their striking resemblance to the ones at Chick-fil-A.


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The pair then heat up the chicken nuggets before putting them on a plate with Chick-fil-A sauce, which can now be purchased at select grocery stores.

Finally, the mom and her daughter take a bite, sharing how “crazy” similar they find the taste.

“You wouldn’t even know the difference,” @floridamomof3’s daughter says.

The video has sparked a phenomenon online, with TikTok users calling the Just BARE nuggets a cost-saving “hack” or a way to avoid Chick-fil-A’s notoriously long drive-thru lines.

“Brb going to Costco right now,” one user wrote.

“This is amazing,” another added.

“My favorite chicken nuggets ever,” another user agreed.

“Literally just got these,” another wrote.

Some users complained that they couldn’t find the nuggets at their local Costco, but for those who could get them, the reaction was positive. Others noted that the Just Bare chicken nuggets were also the only option of the two that they could get on a Sunday.

The dupe Chick-fil-A nuggets are just the latest fast-food alternative to go viral on TikTok. Late last year, users became obsessed with this method for making homemade McDonald’s McGriddles.

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