Actor Justin Baldoni ‘tests the limits of love’ with facial hair transformations: ‘you’re scaring your child’

Lots of dads grew lockdown beards, but only one dad is testing the limits of love with his. 

Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni used his facial hair at different stages to see how his wife Emily Baldoni and daughter Maiya Baldoni would react. Justin is known for growing a thick, black beard when he is on a filming hiatus, then removing it whenever a gig starts. 

In September 2020, he decided to play with his facial hair styles as he systemically removed his beard in phases. 

“I tested the limits of love and found that love is not unconditional when it comes to beards,” he said in a TikTok caption. 


Dear dadsoftiktok. I tested the limits of love & found that love is not unconditional when it comes to beards. #dadlifebelike #facialhairchallenge

♬ original sound – Justin Baldoni

First, he trimmed the beard down to a mustache, goatee and sideburns. When he approached his wife, she was “not having it” and cringed when he went to kiss her. 

Next up, he tried a handlebar mustache and goatee, which appeared to scare Maiya. Then he trimmed the goatee down to a soul patch, which absolutely terrified his daughter, who screamed at the sight of him. 

“No means no,” Emily joked as she repelled his kisses. 

Later, Justin opted for a shorter mustache with the soul patch and underscored the look with some maniacal laughter. Emily and Maiya slammed the door right in his face for this look. 

Finally, he resigned to shaving the last few bits of facial hair, and all in the universe was restored. 

‘Love the sense of humor, but…’

The video garnered over 1.6 million likes. It was the perfect mix of frightening and relatable.

“My dad loves doing this all the darn time, and trust me when I say I feel the girls’ pain. It’s scary,” someone joked

“Your wife’s reaction lol,” another wrote

“Love the sense of humor but you’re scaring your child,” a user commented.

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