Who is KallMeKris? The breakout social media star dominates TikTok and YouTube

KallMeKris was named YouTube’s top breakout creator of 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the 25-year-old Canadian comedian. 

The content creator is known for her funny skits, reaction videos and taste-testing segments. She’s not just making waves on YouTube where she has 4.3 million subscribers, but also on TikTok where she has 40 million followers and Instagram where she has 1.5 million. Somehow she’s managed to build her rabid following in a short period of time. From April 2020 to December 2021 KallMeKris gained over 40 million followers across multiple platforms. 

Who is KallMeKris on YouTube and TikTok

Kris Collins uses the handle KallMeKris on social media. She was born on July 1, 1996 and is currently 25 years old. She hails from Canada. 

She used to be a hairdresser

Before making content, KallMeKris worked as a hairdresser from home and on television sets including Riverdale. However, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown prevented her from working. Her brother convinced her to download TikTok and she started creating comedy skits. 

“I never joined TikTok to become TikTok famous,” she told Vancouver is Awesome. “I literally did it to pass the time and all this kind of happened. But I’ve always been super into comedy. When I was little I always wanted to be a stand-up comedian, all that kind of stuff. So now that all this is kind of happening, it is kind of cool that I can start to have platforms where I can be creative.”

Fans love the different personas she takes on, like a dude-bro named Chad, a tiny-handed toddler, a woman named Janet and her son Riley along with her 12-year-old self. 

On YouTube, KallMeKris does more long-form content like reaction videos and vlogs

Who is KallMeKris dating? 

She has been with her boyfriend Aaron for almost six years. The two met at a barbecue. Their very first date was on her birthday.

“We saw Mad Max. It was on my birthday. We went to McDonald’s, we got chicken nuggets,” she said of their first date. 

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