Kanye West plays Sonic at Kid Cudi’s house, proving stars are really just like us

Famous rappers enjoy chilling and playing video games too. 

Kid Cudi posted a clip of his long-time collaborator, Kanye West, playing Sonic the Hedgehog at his house. While it’s unclear when the footage was taken, Cudi and West have spent some time together relatively recently. The duo released the joint album “Kids See Ghosts” in 2018 and teased an anime series of the same name this June.

“Ye playin Sonic at my crib,” Cudi wrote on Twitter.  

The old school arcade version of the game was fixed on a wall at Cudi’s house. West pulled up a chair and discussed the Sega classic’s lasting impact.

“This is my son’s favorite character, Sonic,” West says in the video. “But you know, that video game, that’s forever, like some Sonic stuff. Like it can go from starting with that to video games to movies. The animation style is so dope, it’s ridiculous.” 

Many fans on Twitter were happy to see the rapper just hanging out.

“Made me happy. Made me smile,” one Twitter user wrote.  

“Unbelievably wholesome. I love you both so much,” another tweeted. 

“HappYe,” another commented

West has been keeping busy. He announced a collaboration with the Gap, causing the company’s stocks to skyrocket 40 percent. In June, the artist teased a James Turrell-directed “Jesus is King” film on Apple TV and dropped a music video for his latest single “Wash Us in the Blood.

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