TikToker shares how family and friends reacted when she said she’s going to space: ‘You are making history’

TikToker and electrical engineer Kat Echazarreta (@katvoltage) shared a video of her family’s reactions after she told them she was going to space, and they, along with viewers, are cheering on her success. 

When Echazarreta found out she was going to be the first Mexican-born woman to travel to space, she filmed her family’s reactions to the astronomical news for a video tribute, thanking them for their support. In addition to her family’s excitement over the news, viewers are also celebrating the significant accomplishment. 

The clip opens with the text, “Here’s how my family/friends reacted to the news that I’d be going to space,” over footage of an excited Echazarreta standing in what appears to be a dressing room for astronauts-in-training to change into space gear.

Echazarreta first shares the news with her mom while in the family’s living room. Echazarreta can hardly contain her excitement as she tells her mother with a wide grin. 

Overcome with emotion, Echazarreta’s mother throws both arms up victoriously before covering her eyes as tears begin to flow.

Next, Echazarreta tells her sister where she’ll be relocating for work. Her sister releases a big gasp in response to the news before uttering, “Stop,” in disbelief. Amused by her sister’s reaction, Echazarreta laughs and nods, confirming that she will be working more than a couple hundred thousand miles away from Earth

The footage that follows shows Echazarreta telling her brother about her big upcoming move. Like their sister, her brother is also floored by the news. Placing both hands over his heart, her brother can barely muster the word, “What?” before becoming emotional. 

Finally, Echazarreta gives her friends the lowdown in a group chat, where their jaws drop in unison.

Making history in space

Viewers took to the comments to congratulate Echazarreta on her meteoric achievement. 

“I’m so happy to see a Mexican woman making history! So proud of you,” one user commented. 

“I can’t thank you enough for sparking a light in my daughter when she said, ‘Mami, she looks like me,’” shared one proud parent. 

“You are making HISTORY,” one TikToker enthused. 

Echazarreta’s newest endeavor is genuinely out of this world.

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