Man goes off on son, defends daughter-in-law over her Instagram request

Gen Z couple Mike and Kat Stickler document their lives with their baby on TikTok

The pair started posting in May 2020 and now have over 4.9 million TikTok followers. They’re pretty open about their relationship, like the fact that they met, got married and discovered Kat was expecting all within a 3-month span. Much of Mike and Kat’s content features wholesome pranks on each other. 

Last December, Kat pranked Mike by making a simple request in front of his father.

Father knows best,” they jokingly wrote in the caption.

Kat hid a video camera near the coffee pot in the kitchen and filmed herself asking Mike if he would unfollow a girl on Instagram who was just “so naked.” Mike flatly told her no. 

But before he could say much else, his father slapped him on the head.

“Unfollow the girl on Instagram,” Mike’s dad said. “Your wife is asking you to do something. It’s not funny. Seriously, she’s asking you to do something — and that’s mean. You need to make her feel like she’s the queen of your house.” 

The video racked up 23.2 million views. 

“World’s best father-in-low goes to him. A king,” one user commented

“That’s the best reaction! You have an amazing father-in-law,” another said

“His dad is a whole mood that I’m here for,” someone wrote

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