Former ‘Below Deck’ star Kate Chastain shares her reaction to the finale of ‘The Traitors’

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The Traitors proved to be a breakout hit for Peacock this month, and Kate Chastain is undoubtedly the first season’s breakout star.

The has been a fan favorite since her days on Bravo’s Below Deck, but her personality shined in a new way on this new reality show competition, which pulled together stars from a constellation of different shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, Real Housewives and Big Brother. While the rest of the cast and viewers alike figured out the rules of the game, Kate was throwing zingers and shading her co-stars, refusing to beat around the bush.

On the latest episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk, Kate opened up about Season 1 of The Traitors, what her mindset was going into the show and how that evolved over the course of the season. She also discussed getting to the end but falling short of the ultimate prize, her reaction to what went down in the finale and her relationships with various members of the cast.

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Kate Chastain below, and stream Season 1 of The Traitors on Peacock now:

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